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Sun ‘n’ Sand is the biggest hotel in Malawi and occupies the largest area. We offer more in terms of accommodation, cuisine and opportunities than any other Hotel. We have animals within and camels are on the spot if the guest wants to ride around the spacious hotel surroundings.  

The whole length covering 700m has a lovely beach front where one can choose to sit in the shade or bask in the sun to be tanned. Since the taste of the pudding is in the eating, make Sun ‘n’ Sand your next holiday tion.

Silently sample what we offer. The choice of room is yours and Sun ‘n’ Sand makes sure you are treated like the King and Queen


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Central Reservations:

E-mail :gm@sikumw.com; abdul@sikumw.com  


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Sun n Sand
Holiday Resort
P.O. Box 333,
Mangochi, Malawi

+265 01 594 545 / 550 Fax:
+255 01 594 473